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NameTsao, LI-Dan
Office phone number049-2563489#1589
Job titleAdministrative Assistant
ResponsibilitiesBy post:Jian,Yu-Yan
1. The Ministry of Science and application of various types of research projects, grants, and other matters closed.
2. The ad hoc government agencies or public and private institutions plan to apply.
3. The Ministry of Education Industrial Park to handle industry-university cooperation program application, grants, funds verification, summary report and the results of control.
4. push the inside and outside of the industry-university joint project.
5. The teacher went to public and private enterprise learning issues.
6. The teacher went to research and development.
7. Device Industry Cooperation Group property management.
8. The Ministry of Science and Industry Cooperation database maintenance.
9. Perform other related research and development matters.
10. completing basic school library.
11. The director related matters.
12. support matters between colleagues.
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