Extension Education Center


Personnel and work particular portfolio

Name : CHEN-CHEN-HAW   post: director  extension:1581  
job description:
 administer the extension education center
 administer the third age university education 
 deal with provisional job
        • Supporting colleagues

Name: WANG-I-CHING    post :administrative assistant   extension:1377   E-Mail:ching@nkut.edu.tw
job description:
♦ help administer application, implementation, admissions , interview , review and financial verification issues of the third age university education
♦ To promote the third age education
♦ supply the results of Family Education and the third age Education to the Ministry of Education
♦ expand the branches of third age education in the community
♦ build up the database of lecturer
♦ promote relevant third age courses
♦ conscientious about the Ministry of Education’s industry school
♦ deal with provisional job
♦ Supporting colleagues
♦ duty agent:LEE-FANG-YU

name:LEE-FANG-YU  post :administrative assistant     extension:1379        E-Mail:nancy12@nkut.edu.tw
job description:
Manage the credit and non-credit courses ,capacity training courses, vocational training classes for unemployed, admissions and financial verification issues.
♦ promoting uploaded assignments by Ministry of education courses
♦ Assessing the TTQS
♦ Interact and cooperate with the local government for new courses
♦ Promoting about building up the database of students
♦ To hold review conference
♦ deal with provisional job
♦ Supporting colleagues
♦ duty agent: WANG-I-CHING
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