"New Wave 2019 First Taoyuan Hakka Fashion Design Award"

公告單位:Vocation and Counseling Center ╱ 公告類別:競賽訊息Post date:2019-06-27
 Subject: Invited to participate in the "New Wave 2019 First Taoyuan Hakka Fashion Design Award", please check.
First, the theme of the competition: Please look for the moving Hakka story or culture, transform it into inspiration, design new Hakka flower cloth, and design fashions that conform to modern trends and even lead fashion. Expect more designers to become makers and create more beautiful Hakka culture.
Second, the qualifications:
(1) A person with a nationality of the Republic of China, an overseas Chinese student, or a residence permit with an alien shall submit a certificate of identity.
(2) The high school team is required to attach a copy of the student ID card.
(3) It must be registered in the name of an individual.
(4) Each person is limited to registering 3 works and must be an unwinned work.
Third, the competition group: high school group, college social group.
4. Guiding units: Taoyuan Municipal Government, Taoyuan City Council, and Taoyuan Municipal Government Hakka Affairs Bureau. Organizer: Taoyuan City Hakka Culture Foundation. Organizer: Department of Fashion Design, Wanneng University of Science and Technology, contact person: Teacher Lin Weiwei, contact number: 0958219992.
5. For details of the activities, please refer to the attachment or event website: http://hakka-fashion.com/.
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